13 Dec 2023:

About:Energy, a world-leading innovator in battery parameterisation, and DandeLiion announce a technology licensing agreement

From Left to Right: Darryl Doyle (Senior Simulation Engineer, A:E), AJ Sung (Senior Software Engineer, A:E),  Hamza Hasan (Software Engineer, A:E), Dr. Edmund Dickinson (Head of Electrochemistry, A:E),  Dr. Smita Sahu (Portsmouth University), Dr. Ivan Korotkin (Southampton University), Prof. Jamie Foster (Portsmouth University), Prof. Giles Richardson (Southampton University), Gavin White (CEO, A:E), Dr. Yashraj Tripathy (Head of Product, A:E).

To find out additional information about the partnership, please refer to the press release.

For commercial use of DandeLiion, please contact About:Energy.